Ibiza & Beyond

Cotton Ibiza

The luminous, metropolitan White Island of Ibiza has inspired the COTTON LIFESTYLE credo of being free and carefree. That magical feeling of being open, happy and fully alive is strong in Ibiza – and at the heart of the service and experience Cotton strives to give.

Iconic, Unforgettable

Cala Tarida is where COTTON LIFESTYLE was born, offering a successful, confident vision of New Hospitality based on sustainable thinking, world-class service and design for beach clubs, restaurant concepts, boat rentals, villa rentals and more.

Nordic & Japanese

Inspired by some of the sushi tradition’s ancient principles, the NOJA restaurant has been designed to accommodate an intimate and stylish dining experience and follows an almost dogmatic approach in creating an aesthetic sushi meal that satisfies not just the palette, but all the senses.

Exclusive Luxury

COTTON VILLAS boasts a portfolio of exclusive holiday rentals across the island, from seafront luxury to secluded inland exclusivity.

Professional or bareboat

COTTON BOATS is ready to take you out to sea, dock at various parts of the island, or cross over to secluded Formentera for a private lunch on the beach.

Handcrafted & Original

The COTTON LIFESTYLE STORE is powered in partnership with Kurru Kurru Design, sharing the same aesthetics, values and vision of the Mediterranean lifestyle, including supporting fair-trade production and the work of local and resident designers.