The Future is Modular & Off-Grid

COTTON MIRAGE is a new, sustainable concept that enables us to build, launch and run beach clubs, almost literally over-night, almost literally anywhere.

Hitting the ground running with a modular construction system, the concept uses prefabricated, sustainably sourced wood elements.

Keeping it self-reliant and hassle-free, COTTON MIRAGE can operate off-grid, running off a solar-generator-battery energy system, implementing a comprehensive and responsible recycling plan, and a green waste management process.


Test, boost - or move on

Keeping it self-reliant and hassle-free, the COTTON MIRAGE concept offers local authorities the opportunity to extend short-term licensing to test new locations and/or to create new awareness and boost dormant potential for existing sites to an international up-market demographic.

If one location takes off in a major way, we can easily organize a repeat. If not, almost like magic, the site will be vacated and left exactly as found.

The COTTON MIRAGE concept will open up new revenue streams for local authorities and local communities, starting with the rental income from the plot and extending to sunbeds, VAT, taxes, and social security for all employees.

  • Short-term licensing & commitments
  • Test new or boost existing locations
  • International marketing
  • World-class beach club
  • Sustainable, modular and temporary construction
  • Comprehensive Recycling Plan
  • Off-Grid Waste Management

The Future is Fluid, Flexible - Now

COTTON LIFESTYLE GROUP believes the future is fluid and modular, far more flexible, and we’re excited to launch this concept, that would solve some of the current challenges facing the tourism industry.

The objective goes further: COTTON has been dedicated to developing its business arms in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways since 2014.

This core commitment is not new, but it’s this way of thinking that’s prepared us to move now, when the time is right.


Contact Christian Marstrander, Concept Creator