Being free and carefree is a privilege, and that magical feeling of being open, happy and fully alive is at the heart of the service and experience Cotton strives to give. It’s why we are where we are, on the Greek Paradise island of Zakynthos.

In decorating our venues, we work with local artisans, using salvaged wood and other natural materials to capture the character and history of where we are in honest and authentic ways. These items and materials carry the marks of passage of time. They have imperfections, cracks, splits. They’re all different and stand out by a beauty you can’t replicate.

Zakynthos, Greece

World Class & Gourmet
from Local Produce

You can easily spend your days fully content, from sunrise to sunset, enjoying COTTON CLUB’s hallmark soundscape, world-class confident service and a gourmet menu catering to all tastes but encouraging guests to go plant-based whenever possible.

Zakynthos is abundantly green and known for its locally grown produce, cheese production, wineries and more than 2 million olive trees, which will form the basis of the COTTON CLUB restaurant’s gourmet-level, health-conscious menus.


A Mediterranean Pearl

Z Island Adventures

Zakynthos is made for transport at sea. Through COTTON BOATS, we offer organized hiking, boat trips to secluded beaches and hidden caves.

Approaching the dramatic skeleton of the freightliner MV Panagiotis, which ran aground in the waters surrounding Z during a historic storm in 1980, is a stunning experience: the wreck sits on a bed of golden sand in front of a 300 meters high cliff wall, framed by that crystal-clear turquoise and blue water and sky.

Shipwreck Beach was the most photographed beach in the world in 2019.


To secure tables and/or sunbeds, as a rule we recommend making your reservation well in advance.

Please note reservations are only confirmed on receipt of return confirmation.

Opening hours

Season Opening 25th of May

Opening hours

Pool opening hours: 12.00 - 19.00
Restaurant opening hours: 13.30 - 24.00
Kitchen hours: 13.30 - 17.00 / 19.30 - 24.00

Last orders:
Lunch: 16.30
Dinner: 22.45

Last table seatings:
Lunch: 16.00
Dinner: 22.30

Sundays closed


Cotton Club Zakynthos
29100 Zante / Zakynthos
Ionian Islands (Greece)


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