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This website is owned and managed by Cotton Lifestyle Group (hereinafter: ‘Cotton’, ‘we’ or ‘us’). Our website uses cookies and equivalent technologies, such as pixels and JavaScript (hereinafter collectively: ‘cookies’). This Cookie Policy describes which cookies we use, the purposes for which we use them and the partners with whom we cooperate in the process.

To be able to visit our website, you must accept the use of our cookies. At present, we cannot guarantee that the website will function properly without cookies being stored. This is why you cannot enter our website without accepting the cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or your mobile phone by the website you are visiting. Cookies are used to enable websites to function efficiently. For example, they are used to ensure that products you add to your shopping cart remain in the shopping cart.

Cotton Lifestyle also uses technologies that are equivalent to cookies, such as pixels and JavaScript.

A pixel is a transparent GIF image that is added to a webpage. The pixels are invisible. Pixels are used, for example, to measure whether a user has seen a webpage or an email, they enable websites to function more efficiently and they enhance the user-friendliness of a website. Alternative names for pixels include: web beacons, tracking bugs, clear GIFs, pixel tags and 1×1 GIFs.

JavaScript is a scripting language, widely used to make web pages interactive and to develop web applications. The script is sent back to the web browser by means of HTML and it is executed in the browser.

What type of cookies does Cotton Lifestyle use?

We use functional cookies and analytical cookies.

Functional cookies
The functional cookies ensure that the Cotton Lifestyle website function properly. These cookies ensure that, for instance:

  • Your browser settings are stored to optimise how you view our website on your screen;
  • It is possible to detect abuse or potential problems with our websites, apps and services;
  • Saving language and country, so you are not required to change language and country settings time and time again;
  • Offering to save your log-in details so you are not required to log in again;


Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies collect statistics related to our users. Using these statistics, we can continue to improve our apps and website

We use the cookies to:

  • Record how many people visit our website and similar statistical information;
  • Perform analyses to make a website visit as enjoyable as possible for our website visitors;
  • Optimise various Google services, such as Google Analytics;
  • Optimise our websites and apps in general.


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a properly functioning website without storing cookies. This means that if you remove cookies, you will no longer be able to visit our website.

Changes to the policy

We may change this cookie policy from time to time. If this involves a fundamental change that we are required to inform you about, or if the change is relevant to you in some other way, we will ensure that you are given the relevant information well before the change actually takes effect.

Contact and Questions

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