A Nordic-Japanese Omakase experience where the ancient traditions and food rituals of Japan meet fresh produce from the cold waters of the High North in a Mediterranean setting.

Downtown, Ibiza

Ancient traditions & Contemporary Awareness

Located in an intimate, stylish setting located in Carrer De Joan D’Austria in downtown Ibiza, NOJA have different set menu options but offerings are always based on the restaurant’s highly qualified sushi chefs’ personal recommendations based on the fish that is available that day, that hour.

NOJA’s fresh, flavourful, and natural sushi stables build on some of the tradition’s original concepts while courting contemporary tastes and sensibilities and the double appeal to body and mind.


Sourcing With Integrity

The Nordic Ingredient

Introducing Norwegian Rakfisk – usually made from trout, char-salted and fermented from 2-7 months and served with sour cream and onion, subject to availability other specifically Nordic ingredients and preparations include smoked and marinated fish and seafood, the unique løyrom caviar, and the use of ryebread, blinis and more.


To secure tables, as a rule we recommend making your reservation well in advance, by phone or email.

Please note reservations are only confirmed on receipt of return confirmation.

For on-the-day bookings, please contact us by phone.

Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday
Table seating one: 7:45PM
Table seating two: 10:30PM
(Please respect the time)


Carrer De Joan D’Austria 8 - Ibiza


(0034) 971 40 89 51