Designed and produced for our stunning Mediterranean settings in Ibiza, Mallorca, and Zakynthos, the Cotton Living Collection for contemporary, comfortable outdoor lounge & dining furniture is also available for sale to individual and professional clients.

Sun-drenched minimalism

Cotton Living Collection

The hunt for the perfect chair, the right stool for the bars, and the ultimate sunbed eventually led us to create this line of furniture, honouring not just the quality, sustainability, and durability standards we require as professionals, but becoming an expression of our day and of where and who we are.

In developing the Cotton Living Collection, we work with local artisans using salvaged and reclaimed wood and other natural materials from the Balearic and Ionian islands to capture their rich character and history in honest and authentic ways.

Mediterranean materials

Nordic design

While the slender lines of the design are Nordic, the Mediterranean materials carry the marks of passage of time: With tiny imperfections, cracks, and small splits that are hardly noticeable to the naked eye, they’re all different and stand out by a beauty you can’t replicate, and which will deepen over time.

Buying a piece of Cotton Living Collection for your home, you acquire more than just the item itself: A feeling, a memory, a statement that reminds us of our summer vacations, of long languid days that stretch late into the night, a joyful sense of warmth and a slower pace of life.


The heart of the Cotton Living aesthetic is carried by a sense of craft and elegant, sun-drenched minimalism: the unrushed nature imbued in handmade objects and the imperfections and truthfulness that are visible in the materials. 


A combination of barefoot glamour and simple natural elements with the sophisticated lines of Scandinavian modernism that brings the traditional together with a contemporary aesthetic, taking cues from the sunny landscapes to embrace their warmth and light while being able to also withstand those powerful elements.

Rocking Chair

Built locally, the Cotton Living Collection has been designed to celebrate a way of life defined by the Mediterranean’s glorious climate, stunning beaches, and dramatic waters: You’ll perhaps recognize the organic curves of blue waves and sandy dunes in the back support of a chair, be reminded of the sharp sun at noon by white cushions, or even see the exquisite pencil-thin perfect line of the horizon in a flat mattress.

Sunbed Double

Our sunbeds are designed to be lower and longer, inviting the sitter to kick back and relax and to adorn living spaces that can be found outside as much as inside and designed to withstand and be part of their surroundings to suit everyday needs and the good life.

Sunbed Single

Passionate about the environment, about craftsmanship and design, the Cotton Living Collection is made from natural materials and sourced sustainably.



Table Variation

Table Marble Top


Oak is a hardwood eminently suited to outdoor furniture and able to weather Mother Nature’s strong winds and scorching sun. Once oak has settled, it hardens with age and becomes like Bell Metal. With proper care, in time this material’s natural patina will also deepen and take on hues of natural silvery grey.


Teak is known for its incredible durability and water resistance. Teak has a high oil content, giving it the highest decay-resistance among all natural wood products. Teak is used for boat building, yachts, exterior construction, indoor and outdoor furniture, veneer, carvings, frames, and more. 


Marble has been an iconic building material associated with the great Mediterranean civilisations since Antiquity and the glamourous stone continues to speak of class and quality. We use marble from the historic quarries in Northern Greece as tabletops, for instance.


Sustainable & Recycled

Much of the wood used for our furniture production is recycled wood that has been reclaimed from schools or libraries for instance, or from orchard salvage. Our use of new oak and teak wood is certified as sustainably and responsibly sourced from the sustainable forests and plantations.

Testing & Quality

Constructed for use in the Cotton restaurants, beach clubs, and hotels, Cotton Living Furniture has undergone not just workshop testing but proven durability and real-life exposure to harsh, Mediterranean weather conditions and extreme customer use for multiple seasons.

Production & Delivery

Made to order by our trusted team of carpenters, we ship globally and start production upon order receipt. For smaller, private orders, we estimate less than 30 days from order to delivery. For larger, professional orders, including for restaurants and hotels, count 60 days.


In an unpredictable, changing global market, prices are available upon request.